Is your supply chain Brexit-ready?

As the possibility of a no-deal Brexit looms over Britain, Tesco and Marks & Spencer have reported to be stockpiling supplies for the first time.

How Brexit could affect your supply chain?

Emergency contingency contracts to preserve incoming supplies have been granted by the UK government. Yet, the capacity of infrastructures to absorb the shock, changes in behaviour of individuals, and deals that will not be honoured, are all factors which put the continuity of Britain’s economic activity at risk.  

What does it mean for your business?

The political situation could threaten business continuity if catastrophic failures or delays were to be observed in the event of a no-deal Brexit. However, using the right tools and applying data-driven approaches could help you mitigate the risks. Supply chain optimization, ensuring resilience of just-in-time supply chains and risk evaluation, modeling of plausible conjunctures, and vehicle fleet planning and optimization, are all options to be considered for your business.  

How can we help?

Understanding the necessity to act quickly in such uncertainty, NavAlgo has put up a task force to address the demands of its customers.

Our strength lies in award-winning prediction products, access to world experts in AI, process modeling, complex systems analysis, and supply chain optimization, as well as cooperation with the team of ProLogistica Soft – experts in inventory management. Our team is based on both sides of the Channel, with a deep knowledge of both the environment and business constraints.

With your trust, in less than three weeks, we can help you define and enhance your decision-making when it comes to your supply chain.